The cantata “Everlasting Light”, composed by Lloyd Larson, Mary McDonald, Jay Rouse, & Larry Shackley, will be presented the 3rd Sunday of Advent, December 15, 8:30 & 11AM by Chancel Choir, Greg Hollinger, organ, Janice Creech, piano, Karen Wyld, flute, Kathleen Duncan, oboe, Lucy Scandrett, harp, percussionists Don Jemella, Dana Scaglione, Bob Wilson and narrators Annabel and William Court.

Light is synonymous with the Christmas season. As we gaze upon the decorated homes and trees, we see symbols of hope that light will battle darkness, heal, and restore. It is only light that can counter that darkness. The lights on homes and trees are eventually taken down and packed away until next year, but the meaning of those lights last throughout the year. The birth of one Child brought a light that does not fade; a light that was desperately needed in a world of darkness, pain, and loss. A light that would live on eternally…an Everlasting Light.

We, who have been recipients of the Everlasting Light have the responsibility to share it and celebrate it. Come join us as we share the joyous Christmas message!