The Bluffton United Methodist Women (BUMW) completed an ambitious mission project in December to keep girls in school.  The project began last Spring after the women participated in a program about health issues facing women, children, and youth around the world. BUMW members learned that there are young girls in remote areas of the world who do not have sanitary products and must stay home from school each month.  Eventually many girls drop-out of school. We were totally shocked to think that in this day and age that this is happening in the world that we live in. We forget that there is not a Walgreens or Walmart on every corner in the world.

Sharleen Bennett, a member of the BUMW, felt moved to do something to help these girls. She contacted the organization, Days for Girls, mentioned in our study.   The BUMW decided to partner with Days for Girls.  The organization provided the patterns and instructions for making the sanitary kits.  Sharleen became the coordinator of the project.  All the materials needed for sewing the items were purchased.  Since July 2017 several work days were scheduled for the women to cut, sew and work on the items for the kits.  Each kit includes waterproof shields, absorbent liners, washcloth, soap, and panties in a drawstring bag.  Women from the community joined the work days as the word spread about this wonderful mission.  Our goal was to make as many kits as possible by Christmas.

At the final work day in December, 240 kits were completed!  The completed kits were blessed during the December 3rd worship service.  Sharleen mailed 15 boxes to the Days for Girls headquarters in Washington!  Along with the kits, an additional 200 pads were also sent. When Sharleen talked to her contact at the headquarters, she was told that the extra pads were the exact amount they needed to complete another set of kits.  The women who participated felt blessed to be part of this mission project.  With every stitch sewn, we knew girls were being helped to complete their schooling.Click on Days for Girls to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Parts of the Kit                                                 Days for Girls Workdays