Chancel Choir, Congregation, Organist, Narrators, and Instrumentalists will present the Christmas cantata “The Glory of Christmas” by Lloyd Larson the 3rd Sunday of Advent, December 16th at both worship services. Instrumentalists will be: Karen Wyld, flute, Kathleen Duncan, oboe, Lucy Scandrett, harp, Janice Creech, piano, Bob Wilson, Don Jemella and Dana Scaglione, percussionists.

“In a panoramic view of Christmas we see the majesty, the color, the sounds and even the solemnity of this glorious season? We witness the anguish of God’s chosen people as it gives way to joy in the fulfillment of an eternal promise –that God would send a Messiah to save them. The entire spectrum of God’s love and grace is on full display in the story of Christmas.

But the message of Christmas is not solely for a people who lived long ago. It is a message that our world needs to hear today. It is for young and old alike, for people of every tribe and nation regardless of one’s station in life. The Christmas story is filled with hope, promise, wonder, majesty, and mystery. It is a perpetual reminder that in the darkest moments of life, the brilliance of the eternal Light of Christ has entered our world to guide us on the journey of life and faith.

Celebrate its message and embrace this gracious gift from God: Jesus becoming human and living among us for a while so that we might live eternally with our Creator.

This is the glory of Christmas!