UMW Executive Board Meeting  May 9, 2017

Attendees: Walda Letson, Paula Johnson, Sarah Snow, Sharleen Bennett, Debbie Kadzielewski, Linda Hall, Joanne Davies, Sarah Sweers

Absent: Linda Greenwood

UMW Purpose was read by all.

Prayer concerns: Paul Laughlin (Elizabeth Duncan’s son), Jody Snow, Melanie Hyler’s husband, Buck, and Jessica Baehr

Devotions:  Linda Hall gave the devotion from a reading from Samuel about inner beauty not outward appearances

The Minutes of the April 11th Board Meeting were distributed for review. A motion to approve was made by Sharleen Bennett and seconded by Paula Johnson.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Sarah Snow. She shared the monthly and yearly budget sheets for 2017 and the Balance Sheet for 2017. She stated we have received $4638 of $5638  Misson Pledges.  A motion to accept the report was made by Joanne Davies and seconded by Paula Johnson.

Old Business:  May Fest Update: Sharleen Bennett will continue to price as items come in. We will start setting up at 7:00AM on Saturday. There will be 4 cashiers at 4 different places. We still need people for the afternoon.

Nominating Committee Chair Debbie Kadzielewski passed out the UMW Potential Leaders Form. She asked all the leaders to make copies and give to all members of their circles. They are to be filled out at the meeting and returned to Debbie at the next board meeting.  She also gave each circle leader a copy of all the job descriptions to share with their circles.  The Nominating Committee will be looking for a Secretary to replace Mary Ellen Parks, Secretary of Program Resources to replace Sarah Sweers, and Mission Coordinator of Social Action to replace Sharleen Bennett, who has filled in the interim since Linda Waugh resigned.

New Business:

Unit Meeting will be June 10th, 2017. The speaker will be Bill Love, Executive Director of Beaufort County Disabilities and Special Needs followed by a pot-luck luncheon. Activity mats will be given to him at that time. Walda Letson advised we need help making the mats.  It was decided the circles would meet at the church on May 23th to work on the mats and bring a brown bag lunch.  Dessert will be provided by the ladies that were doing the refreshments at their circles. Sarah advised she wanted to let her members decide if they wanted to have their regular meeting or participate at church.  She will call everyone and let Walda know what they decide.

Unit meeting scheduled for September 2nd was moved to September 9th due to Labor Day weekend. During the meeting the speaker Pamela Rice, Director of Pregnancy Center was contacted and cannot come on September 9th. Walda will contact Fresh Start Healing Hearts, “Healing and Freedom from Human Trafficking for a speaker. They were going to be discussed for a future speaker.

Annual District Meeting on September 23rd will be at BUMC and we are to provide breakfast.  Walda suggested we all search for China plates at Thrift stores to use that day.  Sarah Snow advised we have glass plates and bowls we could use that are in the kitchens. We decided that would be great for our menu of quiche and fruit. There will be about 100 attending.

Thank you dinner for the BUMMS was discussed and set for October 16th. We want to thank them for all the help they provide us setting up for our special meetings and for our spring and fall sales.   Linda Hall will make special invitations. We will serve a nice sit down dinner.

UMW Storage Shed: Walda passed around a picture and price for a shed that we could store all of our items for our sales.  Walda suggested we use part of the $10,000 we have in a CD, from the sale of the lot that Martha Crapse had donated for UMW, to pay for the shed. There was some confusion as how it could be used. Sarah Snow read to us all the minutes from past years about the lot.  It was stated it must go to Missions UMW supports. At a later date we will decide what Missions will receive the money. After much discussion, we decided we would use the money from our Spring and Fall yard sales. All Board members voted all in favor of a shed only for UMW.

Days For Girls: Sharleen Bennett talked about the program for Prayer and Self Denial that explained girls in South Africa not being able to go to school when they have their monthly menstrual cycle because they do not have pads or underpants to hold the pad. There is an organization called Days For Girls that has a program to make the pads, purchase underpants and assemble kits.   Sharleen talked to Pastor Joey and this would be a Mission extended to the entire church.  Sharleen will get the information and make announcements to both Sunday Services.

A motion to adjourn was made by Joanne Davies and seconded by Sharleen Bennett.

Next Executive Board Meeting June 13th.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Kadzielewski