Alex opened the meeting at 8:15 on December 2, 2017. We had 17 in attendance. Alex told us that the local sheriff has offered to give us a talk on safety in the church. We voted to have him come to one of our meetings and speak to us.

Richard Black gave the devotions. He spoke to us about the three types of people you meet at funerals. Family members – unless they are immediate family members they will not know the deceased very well. The next group is club members – these people just saw the deceased at meetings or club activities and probably do not have personal experiences to share. The final group is friends – these are people who have known the deceased in more private experiences and are more likely to share personal reflections. King Solomon spoke of a time to be born and a time to die. The story of Lazarus shows us that there is life after death if you believe in Jesus.

Don Whitman gave the financial report. We have more than $20,000 in our account, but have not paid the bill for the pecans.

John Kenyon gave a report on pecan sales. We have grossed $23,931 so far. Alex has purchased $2100 more pecans that are available to sell. Al Litster suggested we sell pecans at the Christmas parade.

John White introduced a new member – Mike Able. John told us that Les Parry broke his hip and had hip replacement. He is home now.

Don O’Connor spoke about John Hudson, who has just passed away. John joined the church in 1999. He was noted as the official bacon tester at every BUMM breakfast. John lived alone. His wife passed away several years ago. John had no local family and will not have a funeral.

Alex closed the meeting at 8:37.

John Clingerman

BUMM Secretary